Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme

Welcome to apply for Migration to Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme (VHIS)!
For more information of VHIS, please visit the following website or contact your consultant:
  • You should pay attention to the following before the migration application:
    1. Please use tablet or desktop computer to proceed the migration application;
    2. Proposed Policy Owner and Proposed Insured (if applicable) must be applied in Hong Kong;
    3. The applicant only need to answer a simple health declaration and provide relevant personal information to carry out the policy migration;
    4. The applicant must pay online by credit card issued in Hong Kong (Visa or MasterCard);
    5. If the renewal payment interval of the policy is monthly or quarterly payment, the applicant may be required to provide Autopay information, please prepare the bank statement/passbook to verify or complete the Direct Debit Authorization section.
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